Church Leadership



elders/ Leadership (Pastoral):  


Lay Pastor - Dr. Joel Wilson

     Joel is a great resource for getting questions you have about God or the Bible answered.  He has served several Dallas area Christian colleges and ministries over the years.  He loves to help people grow in their  faith and holds doctoral and masters degrees in the Bible.  Joel also hosts a Wednesday night Bible study at church, which you are welcome to check out, it is great!


Lay Pastor - Malcolm Butler


Pastor Malcolm is married to his excellent wife Rory.  He loves helping people know more about Jesus as Savior.  While he served in the US military overseas, Malcolm came to know Jesus through the work of international missionaries sharing how to have faith personally.  He is passionate about and connected with fellow Christians in South Asia and several missions agencies including IMB and Denton Bible Missions.

Malcolm also enjoys helping others better apply the Bible's truth to practical needs in their life.  His background along these lines includes training in Christian leadership seminars and serving in local churches faithfully as an ordained deacon at previous churches. 

You'll find Malcolm and his wife Rory take the lead in supporting ministry to those who are hurting (James 1:27).  They have a genuine heart of hospitality.  These two also have a habit of opening up their home for Christian fellowships and dinners.

Malcolm and Rory have two adult daughters whom they raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!


Lay Pastor - Alan Ardoin


Pastor Alan is married to Becky his excellent wife.  Alan loves helping those who want to go the next level in their Christian faith whatever that may be for them. 

Alan has a successful business which is a foundation repair and installment company.

Alan's background and part of his passion stems from having volunteered at a successful US ministry, The Navigators, which is an inter-denominational Christian group.  They have helped many in the US military focus on growing in faith while they serve.  Alan uses this background to model how to not just 'wing it' in the Christian life.  

He has volunteered at several churches teaching through books of the Bible.  He also has led  marriage seminars, classes, support groups, and Sunday schools.  

His foundation business experience in the dry, clay like ground of North Texas provides a perfect illustration  of building your life on the rock Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:24) who isn't always shifting about like clay or sand naturally does when water makes it shift back and forth during seasons!

Alan and Becky have two adult sons, one at Texas Tech and the other at DBU Dallas graduate school. 

Lay Pastor - George Dewey

George has served faithfully in many capacities in church and loves helping people in a time of need.  He is passionate about local and international missions work.  George is someone who will be there for you in a tough spot.  He provides a great deal of wisdom for us as well in our church leadership.  George is connected   to a number of ministries outside and inside the church and would love to help you get connected where God leads!



Children's coordinators:

Children's Coordinator (4 yEARS through 6th GRADE)

Amy Strayhorn


 Paul and Amy are a great couple helping lead the older children's ministry called "The Factory Kids."  


Cheryl Martin (Nursery-3yr)



Cheryl leads the younger children's ministry in the "Nursery Junction" area.  They have years of valuable experience in leading children's ministries, which benefits the kids attending a ton!


worship lead:

Worship Lead - Josh Kasselman 

Josh was born on Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota.  He moved to Ruston, Louisiana and then on to Garland Texas.  Josh has lived in the area ever since.

Ever since being a toddler Josh has been holding a guitar!  He learned to play guitar and sing way back in Junior High and quickly discovered that making and listening to music moved him deeply.  Then it happened.  One Sunday his youth group worship leader couldn't make it to church so he stepped in and led his first worship songs ever.  His passion to lead worship was born.  Little did he know how that little spark would ignite a life-long pursuit of a ministry that he loves!  Josh shares he is blessed to have the opportunity to serve with incredible band mates who use their gifts and talents so effectively each Sunday.  They have a great relationship like family which contributes to the quality worship.

Josh is married to Dora and they enjoy helping people pursue God in worship each week!  

Josh also serves in the U.S. Navy Reserves as a Master-at-Arms providing security during military operations.  While going through boot camp Josh stumbled upon what is now his favorite passage of Scripture, 2 Corinthians 4:7-18.

In his free time, you'll find him working out, eating Chipolte, and enjoying the outdoors!  He's a huge sports  fan and loves football (Go Saints!  WHO DAT!), hockey, and Frisbee golf.  Come join us on Sunday as we    strive to honor our Savior, and worship Him whole-heartedly!  No perfect people allowed!

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 Administrative staff:


Church Secretary - AMY Strayhorn

  Amy serves as our church secretary.  Her and her husband Paul serve in other areas of church as well, such as church wide fellowships and lead the older children's ministry (aka The Fatory Kids). 

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Save the Date:

Save your Sundays mornings to be our guest in worship!  You'll be uplifted and encouraged on God's great promises to you by faith in Jesus.  See you in worship this week @ 10:30 am!


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